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It's a family team effort and duties are shared between our kiwi pride family. The training is done by Shannon and Jody, Jody is the owner of Kiwi Pride and has over 30 years experience with dog breeding and training with Kiwi Pride established in 2002 it has been a labor of love for the last 18 years.


Being a vet nurse by trade has made it easy for Jody to blend her knowledge and passion towards helping therapy family's and giving back to the community. So then it was only natural that Shannon ( Jody's daughter) who has been involved in the care, birthing and raising of puppies from when she was only 5 years old and is now a registered human nurse at Tauranga Hospital, became involved in the therapy training program as quite a natural step. So combined they are a team of years of experience and knowledge not only for the beautiful Australian Labradoodles  but also humans. Shannon helps to understand medical and health issues and environments with her training as a nurse and Jody with years of Australian Labradoodle development and knowledge helps to match up the right temperament to the the right family.


The great thing about being the breeder and the trainers is that we have in-depth knowledge about the parentage, the health and the trainability of each and every puppy we breed so the integrity behind the program is guaranteed.

More Photos coming :)

Jody and Celebrity

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