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Our Special Doodle Star


Helping New Zealand Families

adopt our special fur babies

for over 17 years!

Kiwi Pride Australian Labradoodles have over 17 years of very careful, selective breeding practices behind them, combining fantastic health with calm therapy and companion natured temperamented puppies , while also adhering to international breed standards ensuring our dogs are health tested before being bred with and veterinary supported for our high standards. We are very proud of our reputation and integrity within our doodle community that we have created over the years.  


Our gorgeous doods are hand picked by us in person for individual families to possess a very calm lovable nature whom are very much suited to therapy work , combining allergy and asthma friendly non shedding coats means our dogs are very suited for the role of a therapy dog and can fit into almost all family situations.

Dedicated to helping

New Zealand Families 

since 2002.

With  over 16 years of experience with developing our own dogs, right from our conception in 2002 we know our dogs from the root level up, enabling us to offer puppies with many years of health results and history not matched  by anyone else within New Zealand for our breed!

Australian Labradoodles are not just labradoodles which means they are not just labrador poodle crosses.


Our dogs come from many generations of breeding which can  have upto 5 different breeds in them as per international breed standards and  have over 8 to 10 generations behind them in most cases. 


Our dogs are becoming more and more consistent with temperament, coat types, heights and weights as the years move on and we are very proud to only breed from fully health tested parents with hip and elbow x-rays scored and completed prior to being bred from ensuring the offspring are as healthy as we can make them.

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